0 comments / November 02, 2014

Browser detection in javascript

Sometimes we just need to know client web browser to deliver information or add some code specific to the browser. In a client web browser navigator object holds client browser name,version, user agent,platform and other details.

0 comments / July 15, 2014

Easiest way to select all checkbox in javascript / jquery

This simple snippet can be used to select all checkbox. Both jquery and javascript method given, choose whatever suits to you.

3 comments / July 11, 2014

PHP Email Validation - SMTP, MX Record and Regular Expression

We sometimes need to validate the integrity of given email id. The easiest way we have is just sending a verification mail to the given email id and asking the user to click on the link in that email. But other than that we have three more ways, that is, SMTP Email Validation, MX Record Check and Regular Expression&

0 comments / February 12, 2014

Iterate java script object

A javascript object may contain several properties, at times we need to iterate those properties. for..in loop comes handy in this case.

0 comments / February 06, 2014

highcharts hide series name from legend

Highcharts is a rich javascript library which enhances data representations with interactive charts in web applications. But sometimes we need to hide some of default features like series name from legend, find out how can it be done.